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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

The Politics of Hope May 17, 2007

For a long time fear has motivitated actions in both the public and personal life of our land. The bottom line of lives has come to be based on economics and security.

Yet there are expressions based on the common good that improve lives. There is another bottom line, a line that promotes love, kindness, gentleness, generosity, awe. and wonder of the universe. The motivation that results in the practicing of political hope is the impulsle of nature, of the loving heart we all possess. Hope is the value that moves people to act for the good of all . For my purposes in this column, as it is in my life, this is spirituality of all humanity.

The amount of money that was given by private persons and caring organizations to troubled places, like Louisana and the Katrina disaster, or contributions that go to help indivuals and families with problems are an indication that sharing hope with people is strong. Political parties need to be inspired to work together in putting social needs first rather than vested interests whose only motive is profit. Politicians must not add pork to laws that are needed for life improvement. Sitting around a conference table and finding common ground based on hope is better than passing laws that benefit the wealthy, or protect profit margins, or fight wars that defeat the hopes for a peaceful world.

Financial support that relieves suffering, heals diseases and restores damages done by natural disaster are supportive of values that restore and improve human life. The politics of hope comes from the bottom line of our national life and from a world view that is based on love, kindness, gentleness, genereosity, awe and wonder that every person, every institution, every nation believes in and ought to practice toward everyone.

This progressive spirit is not new. Reformations, inventions, changes in life style all took place because of the inquiring spirit of people. Working that idea to its fullest informs us of the spiritual nature that has lead us in all sorts of directions. It is not just seeking for material gain, or power, or personal noteriety but it is for the benefit of a world of people. The history of those developments came from the minds and efforts of all "brands and flavors" of people.

The progression of political hope in the 21st Century is coming into being from all sorts of places and being done for all sorts of reasons. Each of us has a part in this, either for or against, either by deliberate planning or by slow occurrence, hope is alive among us and is at work by us.

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