Henry lunges forward out of the trees and the Alpha Male barks a command. The pack splits into three groups, two surrounding the herd and the third, led by Henry and the Alpha female, right through the center. The herd of about twenty buffalo panics, and the frenzy of fur and teeth and howling pushes them into unruly chaos.

The wolves streak through the herd looking for a weak member, either an old bull or a young calf. Soon in the confusion a young calf gets isolated on the edge and the wolves concentrate on it. The Alpha Male lunges for the throat, killing the calf, Henry latches his teeth into the calf's hind quarters. As the blood fills his throat he thinks, This is just like a Peckinpah movie. The rest of the pack fall on the calf, ripping and tearing great bloody gobs of flesh. The buffalo herd free at last flees.

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