Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores
George Hirst
The Dumbing Down of America
January 20, 2005

We hear these days about "outsourcing", "downsizing" and price control. We are told that these things are bad and not the way America operates.

Well duh! How many different ways can we say that our industries are leaving us? How many times do we have to say that farming is an industry? What happened that the media (all of it) tells us these things are new when we not only know they are not and have said so for a long time? Especially since it has been at least ten years (and maybe more) that farmers have become big farmers and that the small farmer in some cases has become a big farmer while others have retired? Speaking of big business, we know that corporations have been acquiring plants and businesses in the country and other countries making them into bigger business. We even take advantage of the lower costs for our buying power.

How often do we have to say that these are signs of a new day, and that it is not all bad?

I have another question - this past Christmas media reports an increase in request for help, How long have we been saying that the way things are going more people need help because of the change in the ways we do business?

What are we doing about this problem, except fight a war that we started? And - isn't "big" government part of the problem? Or should we call it a monarchy?

We have a pill for every ailment even if the cure might give us problems. Instead of helping us to make our bodies healthier and stronger, we are to use pills that might weaken us.

Help is offered for our debts even if the solution puts us in deeper in debt in the long run.

There are all sorts of marvelous things we can buy for little down and no interest even if it over kills what we actually need.

What about those folks whose relationship to religion is to gather and speak of Jesus' love for us? Why is it that they can't be in love with Jesus in public places? What about following in his steps and caring about the needy and giving justice to the downtrodden? Why don't we provide health and justice for the whole world? Why don't we proclaim the good news of God as bringing His kind of peace for the whole world instead of "saving our souls"?

Why? We have been downdumbed to the idea that only people in high places say that "they" will do all those things for us with their laws and high minded words. We are not that dumb are we?

We have an overriding task before us, now that we can stop the bickering over who the person is to lead our country. Isn't the task how to make the world safe? How do we find a style of life that gives room for all the people of the world in their own way of life? I am sure that all of us know that no country should rule the world andis certainly not acceptable to the USA population. It is not sensible to begin with, nor is it feasible. It is also clear that democratic forms of government has many forms. The way we practice democracy is good for us but not necessarily for everyone.

We need to work on living with the divisions among us and be about the task of making our nation a member of the world's countries. We have to overcome the mud slinging, fault finding, negative thinking, and the "our way or the highway" notions. We must rid ourselves of the bitterness and anger that separates us.

For two decades folks have been flooded with yellow journalism, the steady increase of the practice of publishing in print and by voice only bad news. Comedians and commentators make jokes about our leaders in unkind ways. Alcohol abuse is common. Entertainment has done disservice to humanity by using violence and human abuse to entertain us.

There is an old saying , "There is so much bad in the best of us and so much good in the worst of us that it ill behooves any of us say anything at all about the rest of us", and that is a good place to start.

Practicing a progressive lifestyle means living this day, believing in the future, and putting the interests and concerns of others first. Why can't we see that respect and honor will give a life at peace with neighbor and fellow citizen of the world?. Starting at ground zero, one person at a time, makes for a kinder, gentler nation.

There doesn't have to be agreement. There is common ground Living with respect and belief in common life is the way to go. What is sought is a world where all of humanity lives at their best. Encouraging and supporting one another as persons and nations strengthens everyone. This means, and I will say it again, let others talk about their concerns and talk about the way they live. Be respectful, listen to and believe in the world's people as a right behavior. This is the way to escape the downdumbing and be at peace.

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