The Chance to Make Changes

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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

The Chance to make changes December 26, 2008

President Elect Obama mailed a letter to people who contributed to his campaign which included this sentence: "This victory alone is not the change we seek — It is only the chance for us to make that change." That sentence set me to thinking that the chance for making changes does not just speak to him and those persons who will be with him in government, it speaks to all of us.

The subjects of the changes we seek are widely varied. One thing we must not change. We must not change our political party system. The diversity is essential to our national life. It is not just Democrat or Republican or Green Party or any of the other parties. We must learn that our common life is a many sided life.

Among the changes we must make are the way we have abused the planet on which we live. Every one of us must change our contribution to the abuse and find ways to heal the planet as well as adjust to the changes our earth home is making. Then there is the anger and frustration that we all felt during the last presidential election. There was very clear evidence that caused our anger and frustration, which made those feelings very real and, therefore need to be changed into a motivation for paying attention to the way our elected officials conduct themselves. Letters, e-mails and phone calls are ways to help those folks remember that we, the public, are out here, alive and angry.

The following quote reminds me that I need to live and practice my political convictions.

"..the best marketing tool for "selling" liberal democratic values (much like religious convictions) is by living those values rather than by preaching or trying to impose them."

"Society benefits from Obama’s Example", Kathleen Parker, PJS, Dec, l, 2008 Persons who hold conservative values need to believe that, too. We talk too much and we expect others to agree with us. On October 29th I wrote in a column, "We face big problems, there is no right or wrong but there has to be solutions on common ground." I assume that you all know that our problems along with our financial matters have gotten worse since that was written.

A study of the history of the governmental workings of our nation is marked by the change of majority rule from one political party to another. I believe we have survived as a nation because of the differences rather than the similarities. If we are honest about the change of the political mind cf the majority from time to time and, if we are faithful, and if we deny neither the dark places nor the bright places in our lives, then change becomes the rule rather than the exception. Furthermore, truth benders and financial corruptions will be dealt with promptly. So will those who place personal self-interest or political narrowness before the health and strength of the nation be kept away. We will indeed learn that America is first and the chance for change is forever present.

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