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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Thankful for Changes November 20, 2008

We live in a very small world, we, of the 21st Century. For most of my life, I lived in a world that was predictable, measurable, and secure. I have to say that most of the time, I took all of that for granted and was thankful, but it was all measured by what I knew and saw.

However in this new century, now almost 8 years old, things happen that catch us off guard. The measurements of our universe, thanks to space exploring, are beyond comprehension. We are caught in a financial mess that involves us all, and we are in a war we don’t understand.

So then we are left with a sense of insecurity. If you understand what I write, then you also know we took that secure position for granted and we nodded off. But things have changed and continue to change. I find myself in an awakened place and though I am uncomfortable, I am grateful for changes. It has made me aware of a troubled world in a growing and changing universe.

The change, however, that comforts my unsteady mind is that relationships and understandings among the nations show signs of improving. I have hope that governments of the world see less need for wars and that violence among people can improve. I am encouraged by the vote in the last election that elected new faces with new approaches to our problems. I, along with the rest of the voting population, expressed anger for the treatment that treated us like people to appease, rather than a people who wanted to be involved in the process that governs our land.

Next week we will celebrate a distinguished event, the gathering for a feast by the citizens of the Mayflower colony. They had ventured to a world unknown to them seeking freedom to live and worship, finding it in a place that changed their view of their world. A land inhabited by people who lived differently than they did. A land where they had to establish not only a place to live and worship, but a land that did not offer the things they had known. At the end of their first year in the new land, they assembled and with new friends from the new land,celebrated.

The world in which we live is a world that contains many differences of life’s experiences. We are changing our status quo, not only as a nation but as a world. The Pilgrim people traveled by a ship with sails to a land they did not know. The people of our world travel in many ways to places about which they have been informed. We may not agree with the life styles or types of government among the nations of the world, but we are learning to respect those differences. Our nation has made a step toward better relationships among the citizens of the world. Faith and Hope are strong these days because we understand the diversity among us.

As I meet with friends in this Thanksgiving Holiday, 2008, and as our family gathers to eat together and spend the day enjoying the plentiful life we live, I shall rejoice in the changes that have disturbed my life and celebrate the knowledge that my hope and faith has given me about the universe in which we all live. It is small in God’s greater universe, but it is our place in which we live.

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