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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Shoe boxes, Bribes and Promises Sept 22,05

State government in Illinois has a reputation of being corrupt. Money found in shoe boxes after an elected person left office, the issuing of truck licenses to truckers without regard to their qualifications in order to gain votes, and all sorts of promises that "this" time there will be reform are familiar examples.

It is not just the office holders that abscond with funds and misuse their office that are corrupt, it also the voting public who accept the promises made to us as our just due. It is neither the Republican Party or the Democratic Party that does this, it is all of us that are to blame. I think it is just plain greed, we go where the money is. It is what’s in it for me?

It is time to be givers, not takers. It is time for being part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. It is time to be proactive The upcoming race for governor is a disaster in process, for so long we have talked about the cause of the corruption and broken promises but we have done nothing about it. A portion of that is the dollars spent on campaigns and especially the source of that money. The effort to get out the vote and make promises to attain the vote is a smoke screen that covers up the big money and its reasons.

The 21st century is teaching new lessons. It is teaching that there must be an end to the structure that protects the profit margins and does not benefit people. It is time to govern a state and not protect the wealthy. It says that elected officials must be responsible for the welfare of the state and its citizens.

This means hard work. Here in the community we call Stark County the effort must be not remembering the "golden past" but looking toward the bright future. Schools in their present structure are a beginning. City governments are making a good start and certainly, social events across the county help to develop that community. The response to persons in need and people in crisis is present.

The questions to be asked of those who would be governor of Illinois are - How would you prepare to protect those in crisis? Where and who contributed to your campaign? Will you behave as a governor of a whole state?

It is no longer safe to say, "My candidate is a crook, but he is my crook!" There must be responsibility in our elected officials but there must also be a responsibility in the voting public to see to that the State of Illinois is a good place to live for all kinds of people. And - that the people we vote for will serve a term in office doing what that office requires for the area they serve.

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