Road Smoothers

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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores
George Hirst
Road Smoothers

The road we walk in this life is a road that others have walked leaving a path for us.
First, a parable: Lewis and Clark were commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to find a path to the west coast. The two men were accompanied by two American Indian guides and made a 2,000 mile walk to the Pacific Coast.

It took two years - 1804 to 1806.

The trail they traveled was one of the many trails which the American Indians had established over the years of their habitation. Some of those trails went from a foot path to a road for horse and wagon. Through out the years of the occupation of the white man many roads have been built. This is a parable about Road builders, people who construct streets and roads, bridges and concrete roadways, from Indian trails to super highways. Paths had to be improved, made wider and smoother.

When I studied in Seminary, the professor who taught Homelitics said, “If you are honest, any sermon you preach ought to begin with quote marks, because any idea or word has been said. It may not have been used the way you use it, but is has been spoken. In my years of preaching or listening to preachers, I have found this to be true. It is also true that I was traveling a road that had been built. Times are changing, experiences have happened, words have taken new meanings. It is up to me to improve and smooth the pathway to faith, as every generation of preachers have.

Road Smoothers come in all forms and styles. Some of them make our physical life easier, others find ways to be kind to people with handicap, and still others assist in the struggle with mental problems. Understand, smoothing the paths of life for those who spend life in this globe is the task of us all, all the way from a helping hand to a friendly word or smile. “Be kind to one another for we all love a cheerful spirit.”

In this new year, we all will travel roads that have been traveled, but like the highways we travel in our cars, repairs and changes need to be applied. This is so that the passing of others who follow will find a smoother journey. We are travelers on the journeys of life, no matter our occupation. If we truly travel, we are participants in bringing about improvements. I wish for you all a Green 2010.

My appreciation to the Rev Dr Stephen Wayles for inspiration.

Footnote to Bob Debolt
You did not ask my permission to retire. Msgr.

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