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George Hirst

Precision Production Plants 7/28/05

There are five precision production plants in our county that use the latest equipment in their work, whose plants are air-conditioned, who employ local people and whose owners are local persons. Two of them are husband and wife teams Employees total 200 persons.

The plants ship nationwide, and in some instances, world wide. Their products are inspected and certified on site. What this means is that when the assemblies and cable shipments arrive at the customer’s plant they are ready to be installed.

Two of the sites, Aldrich Company that produces water boilers and Bo/Gar which is a precision machine parts assembler for Caterpillar Tractor Company, have been reported on.

The other three are:

1. Quality Cable and Components, Cindy Brittingham, President, which is located at 109 N Madison St in Wyoming. The company employs thirty five persons. Electric cables are assembled for many applications such as trucking companies and a variety of communication systems and power transfers. The assemblies are shipped all over the nation.

Ms Britt ingham organized the company in 1994, built the present plant six years ago and additional space was erected a year ago. Business is good, and over time hours are needed to meet the work load.

2. Bryton Technology, with Becky Ptashnik, as President and partner of a group that is in process of buying the company.

Ms Ptashnik has been with the company for ten years. logo design The company produces electrical cable assemblies for military and aerospace type applications. website design

The plant is located in West Jersey and employs 45 persons. They are growing and are looking for more employees. The plant is non-union. The personnel of the plant live in the tri-county area, made up of Stark, Henry and Knox counties. They ship the assembled

applications nation wide. Cables are are put together to IS0:9000:2000 specifications.

3. E.C.Harms Metal Fabricators is located in Speer, and is what Dennis Stoecher, President calls a job shop. He said "we make anything out of steel, any number, any size." The majority of the work done at Harms is done on "computerized numerically controlled machines". The shop has lasers, welding equipment and steel forming machines. Completed assemblies are certified to ISO 9000 management standards. Work is done for Caterpillar, for Bomag of Kewanee and for Martin Engineering.

The company was organized in 1973 and presently employs 30 persons at the Speer plant. They are seeking new persons. A building in Princeville is being developed to do power paint coating in which powdered paint is sprayed on metal and baked. The plant will be begin operations shortly.

Working conditions and salary scale are in line with what is expected of a modern plant.The plants are all growing. Employees are being sought due to growth in sales of products I appreciate the reception I was given and the time taken to educate me of these production plant systems in Stark County. I was aware of these industries, but I did not know the full extent of the production or ownership. The owners live in Stark County and taxes are paid in Stark County. The employees are citizens in the counties in which they live and their children attend local schools. What was most impressive to me was what was produced, the places to which the products are shipped and most of all, the fact that the tools and machinery are up to date.

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