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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

The Pointing Finger July 27, 2006

Myths (the expressions of a persons experiences and thinking) play a large role in the process of an election. The mid term election on November 5, 2006 will contain the thoughts and aspirations of persons seeking political office. The myths we hear and read present only the side of a candidate. The voter has to listen carefully to the qualifications the candidate presents. Persons seeking to make a decision on how to cast a vote need to use other resources to assist them,and that is the difficulty.

The difficulty is that these are days of separations. We are a diverse society but diversity is often a weapon, used to present a majority position as power not as a position. The problem is that both sides claim to be right and point fingers at the wrong doings of the other side. When a finger is pointed in accusation it must be remembered that there are three other fingers pointing back!

It is to be remembed that US government is not the laws we make but the application of those laws. Another way of saying that is to remember that the Ship of State is not driven by or controlled with compasses and rudders as is a Seagoing Ship. The Nation under democratic rule is governed by human beings who pass laws and make decisions according to the knowledge they possess and from the experiences they have had and, against other persons who, also being human, disagee with their actions. What that says is there is right and wrong on both sides of a government, and the US of A has done remarkably well with that sort of governmental action. Even in the time of war this land has done well, and when it has, it is truly democracy.

However for some time , there has been a republic form of government and, as long it did not bring trouble it was fine. The problem now is that trouble seems to be present on every side and, instead of working at solutions, efforts are made to force decisions that cause problems. It is also sad to say that we seem to "throw" money at a problem instead of finding ways to remove the causes of the problem.

We can do away with these practices only by electing new faces and voices. There are examples among the candidates for offices in the mid-term election that are candidating only on the strength of their ideas and practices. Here is the place where the voting public can bring the changes into being that will relieve us of the republic form and assist us in becoming a democracy.

A sad note here is that presently we keep talking about bringing democracy to other governments. The effort that is being made is being done in spite of the fact that we are not a democracy. We can work at a change by voting and encourage others to vote. We can vote progressively where we find candidates who are looking ahead and, who do not point fingers of blame.

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