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People who come and stay in Stark County for 12/29/05

At year’s end I have heard for too long that Stark County is too small, has nothing to do, there are too many old people and not enough young people. I think I have pretty well answered the too small and the nothing to do with several research projects.

If we have a lot of old people, that is the way things are but I believe that old people are valuable, essential and necessary to the operation of county life and business. The dividing line between old and young is fifty years of age. I remember before I moved to First Church, Wyoming I was told that my age would make it hard to find a church. I was fifty. I still don’t understand that.

As proof of that there are three persons who came to Stark County because it was attractive and had things that concerned them.

Larry West who is retiring from the State Bank of Toulon, came

from a bank in Princeton stayed 34 years. He is staying in Toulon because he has a daughter there and grandchildren. He also said that it is home to them. He has been and is active in Stark County affairs. Larry has always been an asset to the county.

The Rev Mr Prosper Tournear, retired United Methodist Pastor retired in 1996. He and his wife drove through Wyoming, stopped at the four way stop and a person crossing the street waved at them. That was a friendly gesture to them. They ate at the Pizza Hut and liked the way the water tasted. So they bought a house and became part of the community. Prosper is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Ambulance Service from its beginning. He also is a member of Wyoming Betterment.

Dodie and I moved into the parsonage of First Congregational United Church of Christ as pastor and family. We bought the house we now live in as an investment. When we retired, Dodie from teaching and me from the pastorate ,we stayed here because of our involvement, Dodie as a florist, a member of Tuesday Club and me because of my work with charities in the county. The County is home for us.

There are a whole lot of people, all over the county, who grew up here, raised families, pursued business and political careers, who have retired and are still active in community affairs.

Secondly I keep hearing that we need young people in the county. Excuse me, but we have a lot of young people active in business and other community activities. Wyoming’s Town Council has several "young" people.

What is am suggesting is instead of complaining about what we think we see, we take action both personally and as The Community of Stark County to recognize and appreciate the citizens of our county who make it an attractive place, who work at improving and caring for our schools, who make our churches pleasant places to be. There are people moving into our town even as we speak, we need to make them welcome and get them involved.

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