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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

People in Transformation November, 17, 2007

There is a group of people who work among us who are without doubt our most important workers. They are persons who give of their energy, wisdom, time and dollars, they are the people we call volunteers. Most of them work part time as a volunteer and spend the rest of their time at one of the many occupations that enables the world to exist as a place of order. The persons who are paid for their work or are occupied in efforts that are essential to the world's well being really have a second place to volunteers who, because of their dedication, are the transformers of public life.

I have long thought that the largest work force in Stark County are Volunteers who render great service both for what they do, and for the changes they bring with that work. A striking example of the importance of volunteers is seen in the way needy people are helped by the food pantries in the county. The people who work at Turner House in Toulon or the food pantry in Bradford, or the Baptist food Pantry in Wyoming, are not are paid . In my experience in the county since 1971, those agencies have transformed aid to the needy from a good thing to being an essential influence. Their efforts have changed the minds of people, who tended to look down on the poor, to persons who respect the needy.

What this says to me, and I tell you so that you will see this, is that a new system is underway and as a result we see a transformation to a world that respects all persons and cares for the earth on which we live. The changes that are occurring have begun in places of need, by small groups of people and with little fanfare.

Now to get to what is important, a large body of volunteers in our country are the people who are the voting public. Those volunteers who take time to vote into office the people who run the governments of the land, and contribute time and money in support a political party or a candidate. They are not paid to do this, nor are they hired to perform the tasks they do. A remarkable part of political effort is the millions of dollars and many hours of work that are spent convincing people to cast a ballot or participate in elections.

People who do not vote are throwing away an opportunity to influence how our "democracy" operates. The decisions involved in voting requires study. Let me share with two ways I make that decision. To me the most important reason for these days is to look for signs of helping to bring in a new system of government. Honestly, this means new people, not old "war horses" nor people of experience, who speak of change. The second important character is that of a person, who does not try to buy votes by promising special benefits, but who speaks to the voter as a person who lives in public life, and who participates in the life of the nation.

The need to elect persons with little or no experience as an office holder is really underscored by the fact that four Illinois office holders have been convicted of misuse of their office. Those four were from both parties and were persons who had been in the political system. I trust that you will understand that a new system will happen with the transformation brought about by volunteer voters and not by laws passed by elected officials whose major concern is to get reelected. My message is be a voting volunteer so that we can bring about changes in the way we govern ourselves

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