Not by the Numbers

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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores
January 26, 2010

George Hirst

Not by The Numbers

The chaos of the earthquake in Haiti produced a response that we have learned to expect from our world. The loss of human life and the destruction amounting to billions of dollars was met by the world with a response that will amount to great financial help. The world is responding with several help agencies as well as the marines, the army, with millions of dollars from private agencies. That does not stop the pain from loss of life and physical pain.

There is an overwhelming amount of caring, it all says that it is not about the numbers. As much as we speak of a hard and uncaring world, when
human pain, suffering and loss occurs, the world responds.

We have heads and we have hearts. We use our heads to help people who need medical care and/or shelter. We use our heads to help helping agencies to provide services. We use our heads to personally succeed. We use our heads to encourage people to join our causes.

There are also our hearts, that part of us that feels, Loyalty to country, to the causes of our nation, and to the efforts when people need
help. Our hearts respond to disasters and tell us we need to care. Our hearts supply the rightness that says the chaos in Haiti requires a response in all sorts of ways.

But it is more than numbers, it is because we care that we remember the pain and suffering every day in our hearts. So let us use our heads to
provide physical help to a suffering nation of people and let use our hearts every day remembering the pain and sorrow of our fellow citizens of a world that helps the suffering. It is not just help in the struggle, it is a constant heart responding to people in pain.

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