North Willinstead (pronounced 'will instead') is a island somewhere to the East of Wilinstead proper. The inhabitants call themselves nwililists have like most of this world isolated from other communities by the difficulty of water travel (see HistoryOfTrade). Some of the local notables:
  • Wilfred J Pridot — a young member of the extensive Pridot clan, the local PigeonPost keeper, famously a sucker for responding to unsolicited mail from NogerianPrinces, the first point of contact with the AugustCombine
  • Dame Pickle Nose — grand dame of North Wilinstead lives at the foot of Mount Pickle Nose an outcropping of stone veined through with blue lines.
  • Ernie Bunks — the current chair of the local Party Planning Committee which coordinates all community events and social services.
  • Wilamena J Pridot — Wilfred younger sister, a music fan and teenager.
  • Franky Rhubarb — Amateur AniCrafter and Fancy Sheep Breeder

The JohnWHackenbourgh story will begin with his arrival at North Wilinstead in order to establish trading in BlueCoal with the islander's. The attention of the AugustCombine has been drawn to the island because of a travel brochure describing Mount Pickle Nose which was written and distributed by the mostly random traveler LarcoRolo passed by on his discovery of noodles. He established communication with the islanders through PigeonPost and Wilfred. The other islanders are dubious of his existence because of Wilfred history of falling for NogerianPrinces scams.
JWH will arrive by FloatingMachine after receiving a promotion to ResourceManager for North Wilinstead charged with securing a supply of Levitatiun (aka BlueCoal) which appears to make up the blue veins on Mount Pickle Nose.
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