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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Money Rules! April 12, 2007

The possession and spending of money is the leading concern in our lives. I do not think anybody would argue with that statement. There are a whole host of important concerns and activities that keep our lives busy. Sometimes those concerns become good intentions, but I do believe that no matter what we say, the possession of money still governs what we do. All that says is we give everything a monetary value.

The general public understands that the poor need help with their living but they also appreciate that the better off need to make a profit. What this says is: Money rules. Everything in today's world from providing schools to fighting wars has to be paid for.

Somewhere along that line is the possession of cold hard cash.

Whether it is the cost of arms for fighting a battle , digging an oil well to provide the fuel for our many modes of transporation, or simply having enough money to buy food, pay the rent, keep warm or cool, there needs to be money, which is obtained through employment, through taxes, through borrowing,or relying on government support and charity.

Money rules , it is support for a cause, or to pay for services rendered, or to buy food. We pay for entertainment, we give to support candidates in elections and we support others in the works for the benefit of others.

But that is not the question here - the question is: Do we understand that money is very important or do we see it as a means of the buying and selling we do? Money (hard cash) was orginally simply legal tender. Instead of exchanging labor for goods or grain or other items produced by the purchaser, a form of payment which was backed by a treasury, usually of gold, and was easier to carry around, and possessed an accepted value, was called money.

Now understand, money had no other value other than as a way obtaining things that were needed, or to pay for services rendered. In and of itself, it had no other worth. The Sour Grapes of the day is that it no longer just a medium of exchange. Today the collection of money is an obsession for us all. It is collected, invested, and saved. It has a value all its own. We measure the worth of something by what it cost, or by how much we saved with the purchase not why we need it. We do not talk about services well done, but by how much we are paid to perform the service.

Contributions are not talked about by what good is done, but what was given to support that cause ---- and it is tax deductible. Things are done for others with words like, we help you with a problem or we supply good stuff. But actually, the bottom line is what it costs to accomplish the matter. It isn't what we do and what we need, it is what it cost or what the profit was.

If we run short of money, we print some more, issue government bonds or borrow it from somebody. This gives me pause to think just how much the total indebtedness is to all of us.

In order to break money rules, we need to live within our means, that is to acquire what we need not what we want. We need to stay away being in debt. We need to respect other people, where they are, and as they are. We need to stop buying political power. Finally, we must stop letting money use us.

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