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Timeline for Molly

Working Chapters

A few chapters have been roughed out. I'll put a link back at the bottom of each of the pages to get to this page.
The Potato Headed God Makes a Visit Prologue
Incident in an Oyster Bar
Royal Palace Intrigue
Bozartene Molting Festival
A Revolting Development
A Delivery Issue
Molly in Training not sure I want to keep this one
Space Adaptation Syndrome
Not Callahans currently in progress

Pantsing and Plotting

A summary of how it might go.

The prologue is an invention of the Australian people recalling the day that extraterrestrials came and took away some penguins for resettlement elsewhere.

Molly is a runaway princess of the Bozartian empire hiding in Bozart University as an exo-anthropology grad student. She is also a princess, the second daughter to the Bozart Royal Family who is a pain in everyone's patoot. She teeters from scandal to scandal (sex, abandoned offspring, drugs, crummy schoolwork, bad fashion decisions). Since a tabloid journalist is snooping around, the university and her parents want to avoid the scandals that might be attached to the royal family or the university. Her Bozartene alias is EEKh Arggh Boing Boing Yelp!, which translates to Molly of the Region of Plentiful Mackerals or more euphonically as Molly Ringwald, but in the field, everyone knows her as Cranberry Molly, a fake surname. In the palace she is known as Princess Ruby, but she has pretty much left that behind.

To get rid of her, Ruby is assigned to conduct fieldwork on Sylvan Green, a luxury resort for elites from around the universe (built by refugees from Placid Cold?), where she will study the indigenous people. Among her field gear is an Adamantine Waldo, a shape-shifter robot, who will assist her fieldwork by helping her fit into the existing population. Unknown to Molly, the Waldo harbors a rebel agent from the manufacturers on the planet Adamant. The agent, Eleni, is corporally in a storage facility on her home planet but psychically in the Waldo(should it be Epeius? or do we save her for Mostly Harmless?). Also unknown to Molly, the Bozarts plan to use exo-anthropological research to take over complete control of this and other colonies elsewhere.

Molly Ringwald On Campus Molly Ringwald

On her way to her hut on Sylvan, Molly overhears some salespeople talking about Echo Papa 607. She goes to meet with Noodles, a Bozartene adjutant diplomat at Club Sylv, and on the way out the door, casually asks if the Waldo will look into it for her. The waldo asks her about local resources; she says check in the ship's training manual. Eleni should know that already. Does she know about the BEE History drone already, and tell the waldo to use her log in ID and the password "Swordfish"? Eleni is shocked to discover how closely the people are being monitored? Maybe just a casual reference at this point. Later the truth trickles out.

Molly discovers some unsavory things about Sylvan, including an illicit arms trade—the main reason Bozart wants to take over the planet. She also finds that the local population is being harassed by the New Placids, stolen out of their natural culture, and forced into working for boring and underpaid jobs. They are also being watched by a Bozart BeeHistory satellite.

All is revealed while Molly conducts fieldwork in a Sylvan village, including Eleni's presence in the Waldo. She learns that the Sylvans have developed a plant with leaves that block the prying rays of the satellite.

Slyvan Greens Native of Sylvan Green

Working with the Sylvans and the Adamantine rebel, Molly shoots down the satellite, and it crashes into the part of the planet where an arms convention is going on. Molly's cabin is destroyed, leading the Bozarts to believe she has been killed. The Placid Cold owners of the clubs are also killed or move away again—PCs are always running off to greener pastures. These setbacks to the Bozart colonization strategy give the Sylvans enough time to develop the native plant to block prying eyes before the Bozarts can reconstruct their satellite. She and the Sylvans grow the plant sustainably and produce hats, blankets, and roofing made of the plant for people from all over the universe. The Sylvans take over the luxury colony and open it to more than just elites.

Molly settles down with Waldo, and they never go home again. Waldo's Adamantine body is killed in a raiding attack on her planet, and she's stuck in the Waldo, always a shape-shifter, or maybe she just chooses to stay. There is always that threat that the Bozarts will return, but the Sylvans are in a better place to fend them off.

AWI Mach 7 Waldo Mach 7

Molly arrives at Sylvan Green Airport in the anthropology department's crummy spacecraft and is accompanied by the anthropology department's #3 Waldo, currently stored in its delivery box. Sylvan Green is a luxury getaway planet for Bozartenes and elites of other planets, but Molly, who is secretly an elite, is relegated to the cheap seats because she is an anthropology student.

She could, if it seems like a good idea, have several background flashbacks:
One Fine Day interacting with her handler Pingo from the Palace which might be the first chapter. Not sure.
Bozartene Molting Festival
Royal Palace Intrigue her parents plot to get her out of the palace and out of their hair
A Guide for Cooking Squid and Ruby Leaves the Royal Chateau being seduced/seducing Stilts, conversations with her roommate
A Delivery Issue getting the Waldo.

She lands, notices heavily armed tourists and the note about the conference for arms trade in the small but currently expanding airport, but makes her way to the dumpy little hut that the anthropology department has rented for her.
Space Adaptation Syndrome
Not Callahans

She's exhausted after the traveling, so she decides to take in the beach, but when she gets there, she finds that the glutinous Giacomo Wickham hits on her, and she can't shed him without a punch drawing attention to herself. Instead, she returns to her room and retrieves her Waldo, deciding to use it as a wingman.
Beach Scene

Unbeknownst to her, number 3 is inhabited by Eleni, an Adamantine rebel, who is in a power struggle with her handler about the progress of the rebellion. She finds out about that when they eavesdrop on a recent meeting in the town of Liminal.
All About Liminal

Molly prepares Eleni to go to Liminal to conduct anthropological research and discovers that they can both be present and active in a Waldo dressed as a Sylvan Green.
Two Heads are Better than One

Molly attends her first ritual at Liminal, a ceremonial parade into the city proper.
A Caucus Race

Molly and Eleni learn about the indigenous traveling style in
Playing Hopscotch

Molly and Eleni return from LIminal, and Eleni describes conditions on her home planet
Another Fine Plot

In Liminal, Molly prepares for another ceremony concerning a palapa, and everything falls apart.
Tinfoil Hat

Disaster Averted describes how Molly and the Sylvans agree about how to go forward.

Molly and the Sylvans plot to bring down the BEE History drone in Hacking History

In Stars Fall on Sylvan, the plans come to fruition. Molly and Eleni work with the Sylvans to establish an agricultural plot growing the good stuff, and a shop to sell tinfoil hats in as well as an integrated bar. They live happily ever after.
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