Hi My "get out the vote effort will be spread out. I won't be getting a colulmn out every week - because I tend to push hard and strong.. George

Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Modern Myths June 29, 2006

This column is the opener of the project, "Get out the vote for the Mid-term Election." The media tells us all sorts of things about the government, state and federal, and we hear and read things about candidates running for the various offices. We are also urged to write to our congressman Some of us write letters to newspapers and/or columns of opinion. None of the above is scientific truth. We quote sources, use examples but nothing is set in stone. They are myths.

Myths are real, they are stories about the life experiences of people. They are life according to me. "We tend to think of myth as veiled or fabricated truth, a product of the fanciful imagination - something waiting to be debunked by science and replaced with literal truth. But for people who tell their myths to relate historical events to beliefs and practices . there is truth in myth." Uncommon Sense, Anthony Aven p18

This is the task before us all in the mid-term elections. These are the myths of which I speak, the multiplicity of words and stories being read and said has to be sorted out by each of us, finding the ones we like, the ones with which we agree, and the ones which attract our vote. The most vital part of the search is getting to the polls. If we can muster a major proportion of the voting populace to vote, then the persons who do get elected will know that the American voting public means business. That simply says to each us, we must vote and vote with a purpose.

This is what I will be doing as we move toward November. I will pay attention to what is being said and written for and against people running for office. I will be respectful towards all persons as they share their stories. I will be certain of my myths and will share those with others, not to convert them, but, to practice what I preach in my own experiences and thought. I'm saying this because: " The language of myth is different from the language of science. Its narrative is poetry and imagery; its grammar, analogy and metaphor. The dispassionate scientific account (of an event) may be more precise and detailed, but the mythic version is far easier to relate to - at least for most of us." op.cit. p 19

I invite you, readers of this column, to share your thoughts and practices so that as we move along towards election day, we can share with others and get out their vote.


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