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George Hirst

Medical Emergency Team October 15, 2009

The Wyoming Ambulance provides services of emergency nature, taking the patients to area hospitals. I am sure you all know that. The Ambulance board of directors, Chuck Terwiliger is President, are all volunteers. Drivers of the ambulance as well as the EMTs are also volunteers.

The Ambulance Service has been around 1998; some of you may remember how the organizers struggled to get it going. These days the Board of Directors consists of 11 members. There are 15 EMTs and five drivers who work to give the community excellent service. The Service is funded by Wyoming Fire District, Medicare, private insurance and donations from the community.

Dodie and I have recently been patients of an emergency nature, we have seen up close just how the Service is provided. We want to say thank you to all involved. This brings me to what I found really inspiring. When I fell at home and injured myself, the ambulance was called and not only did a driver and two EMTs respond, but Wyoming firemen were here as well as The Chief of Police, Wm Bauer. Our house was filled with people! Services work this way, the EMTs provide medical services, the firemen pick the patient up and load that person in the ambulance. Chief Baurer directs traffic. I was downtown the other day when an emergency occurred at the bowling alley. Chief Baurer handled the crowd.

That is the way emergencies are handled by the Ambulance Service. The support of those events is backed from The Ambulance Garage, where the two ambulances are kept and ready to go out when needed. Repair and maintenance of the vehicles is provided by volunteers

Now, the important thing about all of these figures is that four agencies in Wyoming work together providing quickly answered calls for help. There is no trying to figure out what to do or when, the patient in need is given the help needed and taken to a place where care can be received. The thing that impressed me was the teamwork that went on, the good relationship among every one and most of all the respect that was given to the patient.

When I think of all the work that went on in the late nineties to bring into being an ambulance service that worked, and, I think that these are all people I know and respect, I’m amazed. Two ways we can say thank you: 1. The EMTs, firemen, and the police department ought to be told how much we appreciate their work, and 2. We can contribute dollars to the support of the effort.

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