Henry gingerly slides down the icy slope of the valley, the last of the pack to leave the nest. Meek is immediately ahead of him in the line as the Alpha Pair leads the pack into the woods to begin the check of their perimeter of their range.

At the stream, the pack pauses to drink deeply. There is a long way to go, and each member must mark the territory edge by urinating at targeted areas. The Alpha Male growls and the wolves form a line again. Henry takes his place at the rear.

Up into the alpine woods they climb across the broken rock. At moonrise, Gadfly tries a yowl, answered by the Alpha female, silencing the whippersnapper. Rusty snickers.

Across the range they approach the edge of the woods, beyond which lies the open sagebrush plain. This is where the buffalo will be, and the pack slows to a halt at the edge of the woods. A buffalo herd is grazing just a mile away, but they are upwind of the wolves. The Alpha male gives the signal and all of the wolves break out of the woods at once and begin the chase.

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