There once was a man who wanted to be a wolf.

Everyday, he left his classroom at the high school and walked to the little wooded creek at the side of town. He’d walk along the cindered path but still get his trouser cuffs muddy, looking at the stream and listening for the sounds of rustling or scuttling and thinking how wonderful it would be to live in the woods.

But you’re nothing like a wolf, said his wife. I’m not complaining, I love you, but you’re not a wolf.

Henry winced. I know that, he said, but I have an inner wolf I’ve always wanted to explore.

An inner wolf? Said his wife. What have you been reading? Jack London?

Nothing, said Henry. I came up with this on my own.

You and Jack London, said his wife. Maybe you should go see a therapist—how about Finch? Remember how he got you through that weird thing at school?

Oh, said Henry dispiritedly. Finch. Well, okay, I’ll go see Finch.

Henry’s appointment with Finch took place the following week.

Henry! Nice to see you, said Finch. You aren’t having trouble with hives again, are you?

No, no, said Henry.

Is it Alice? Your mother doing well? There isn’t any trouble at work, those students bothering you again, is there?

No, no, they’re fine, everything’s okay. I just… well, I just want to be a wolf.

Ahhh, said Finch. The inner beast. All of us yearn to live on the wild side. Have you tried Viagra yet?

No! said Henry. That’s not it! I’m fine, sex is fine, I just, I just want to be a wolf.

A wolf, eh? Said Finch. You know, you never struck me as the wolf type. Is this about control? You’ve always had control issues, Henry.

No, no, well, maybe, said Henry. But mostly I just want things less complicated.

Complicated? Are things complicated for you Henry?

Yes, you know. Bills to pay, lawns to mow, neighbors to have over for drinks, lesson plans to draw up, mid term grades to give out. Complicated.

Hmm. Less complicated, eh? Have you thought about a vacation—oh, no, it’s September, school just started, can’t do that. What about a sabbatical next semester?

I retire next year, said Henry gloomily.

Oh. I see. And that’s worrying you? Said Finch.

Well, not worrying me exactly. I just would like things, well, simpler. I think being a wolf would be simpler.

Well, if you want to be a wolf. said Finch, that is one thing I can’t help you with.

Well, I knew that, said Henry. But my wife said I should come…

But I can give you a referral, said Finch.

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