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Lynda White, Postmaster, retires

George Hirst

On July 1, Wyoming’s Postmaster, Lynda White closed a thirty one year career as a Postal employee. She received a Service Award which said, "In grateful appreciation for dedicated service during an honorable career of 31 years service to the Government of The United States."

On Friday, July l, the people of the Wyoming area Postal Service attended an open house in appreciation for her services to us. She was Postmaster at The Wyoming Post Office from January 13, 1986 to July 1, 2005.

Lynda began her career in the Postal Services June 30, 1974 as a substitute rural mail carrier for Jack Long on Rural Route 3. Burl Malone was Postmaster. This made her a third generation Postal employee. Her grandfather, Pop Phillips and her father, Al Fuller were city carriers for the Peoria Post Office. She says of herself, "The Post Office was in my blood."

She took the civil service examinations in 1982 when Helen Farmer was Postmaster and was given a dual appointment as clerk and as substitute carrier. She worked in the Post Office and substituted for Bob Bouton after his fatal accident and she subbed for Joe Pritchard.

When Joan Stroup was Postmaster, she transferred to Pekin as Part time Clerk and Supervisor for 5 years. The family then rented their farm and moved to Pekin. Her first Postmaster’s job was in Green Valley, she also was Officer in Charge in Knoxville. She said that when Joan Stroup was Postmaster she drove to the Galesburg Office to work in the Mail Processing Plant.

During her career she served as Officer in Charge for the Henry P.O for 13 months, Galesburg for 6 months and worked in Pekin as Supervisor of Customer services for 6 months.

She held special assignments as a certified interviewer of prospective employees, as a certified tester (gave Civil Service Exams,) worked with children during the Ben Franklin Stamp Club days, and taught youngsters how to collect stamps. She also held a position as district quality and inspections person.

She was Regional Vice President of the National Association of Postmasters, was co-chairman of the National Convention of Postmasters in Chicago, and the Central Illinois Convention, Central Illinois District held in Peoria.

Lynda White indeed had the Post Office in her blood. She also had a love for Wyoming. She said that in the early days of her career she had a goal to become Postmaster at Wyoming. It can be said of her that she did not just do the job of postmaster she was visibly a part of the Postal Service’s to "provide the best possible service to customers." as District Manager John Wawizyniec wrote in his letter of commendation to her.

Lynda White was born in Peoria, went to school in Germantown Hills/ Metamora, graduated from Dunlap High School and took courses at ICC. She said her education beyond that was in the training given in the training of the Postal System and their Management Courses.

She has three children, Tammy, Omaha. Nebraska, Charles who lives in Modena, and Christina,Pekin. She has three grandchildren and is expecting a fourth one.

When I asked what she was going to do now - she said - that first she was going see Chrissie’s baby born. She has plans to be in Wyoming at the Spoon River Bowl for coffee as often as she can. There have been several opportunities for this talented and caring person to go to work. However, she will wait a while on that.

In closing this conversation she wanted Wyoming to know that she planned on being close to us. Sure and certainly, she was and is a good citizen of our community. We shall miss her friendly face at the counter in the Post Office, but we shall not lose her presence and concerns in our town.

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