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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Life is real for October 20

Wars that cost lives and money, Hurricanes that cost lives and damage huge areas of land and houses, Earthquakes that kill thousands of people and leave the land devastated, Forest fires that destroy trees and leave bare land, Epidemics that bring illness and death to large populations are all in our lives and are very real. They demand large sections of time and talent as well as our support in volunteer dollars.

The level of human suffering has changed the world in its thinking about how we care for people in need. I read and hear from folks who say that there have to be changes in our attitudes and behaviors towards the poor.

Governmental bodies and individuals in our land are being found to be remiss with the tasks of their offices or to be found to have absconded with funds assigned to their budgets. This, too, is a real part of our world and is causing pain.

A news media only reports the violence, the crime and illicit sex of our lives, and entertainment in our lives that is romantic, violent, or sport minded, leaves out a whole segment of our real lives.

We need to know about the ordinary events and lifestyles that are really in most of our ways. There are many efficient and honest office holders, many lives of people who live each day well, and contribute to the public good. There are all kinds of deeds done every day that help people, there are kindnesses, generosities and just plain every day helpful deeds in our world.

I think I am trying to say that we live in a changed and changing world. We spend a lot of energy on causes and not enough on dealing with the changes. We spend too much time patching and repairing and do not tend to the differences.

A good example of this is the ice melts on the earth’s poles. We find causes and blame people for the causes. We cannot undo the changes, and we need to adapt to the change. A second example is the lessons learned from hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Not only do we need to assist the people who live in the region to acquire living habits that prepare, we must learn to maintain the protective barriers at a prime condition.

This is where the reality in our lives comes to bear. The people who are "in charge" of our daily lives and are in touch with the conditions of our environment must be heard and responded to.

The everyday life we all live is worth attending to, it is not a good thing when we assume that things will work out. Old and worn tires on a car need to be replaced. Understand?

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