Keeping Christmas in Real Time

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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Keeping Christmas in real time January 9, 2009

Now that all the traditional Christmas celebrations are over, let us consider keeping Christmas in real time. I am in my "old preacher" mode in that I am concerned about the way the general public who recognizes the holy holiday during the dates in the calendar year, but the minute it is over they do not mention the important event of all Christendom. They seem to let go of the important person and return to the regular way of living. The religious bodies come close to what keeping Christmas means in their Sunday Morning meetings.

I am thinking, for example, how it was that the shepherds returned to tending their flocks after a visit to the manger. On their way back to work, it is recorded that they went singing praises to the gift they had received. It was recorded that the wise men returned to their own country to continue with their studies of the world and its people. I have wondered what they did to keep the presence of the new born king in their daily lives.

Mary and Joseph very quickly went about taking care of the new born king. They took him to the temple where they were met by two people of faith who rejoiced in what they saw and, went about the ways of keeping the king in their lives. The Bible tells us that Jesus grew up in faith and went about all the processes of growing up.

The keeping of Christmas is beautiful and wonderful as the birth of the Christ is remembered in word, song and pageant. The Christ child is not left in the manger for us to come back to when the season comes again. The Christ grew and became a holy influence with twelve followers to carry out the mission of the announcement of the Good News as well as to show believers how to live the good life, how to fulfill the mission in the keeping of Christmas message in real time.

Real time is not expressed in a baby Jesus, but in a Jesus, the Christ who was born, who grew up among us, and who lived as a servant who was loving us and a teacher. Keeping Christmas in real time does not mean buying gifts for our loved ones nor, decorating our homes and churches for the season, it means living as a servant lived helping and healing those who need help. It also means working for peace that means justice for everyone.

Keeping Christ in real time means that everyday I remember that presence and work to make the Good News alive and present to everyone I know.

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