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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

John and Jane Q. Public July 5, 2007

Stark County citizens working together as a community have made the county what it is today. A very good example of democracy at work is to be found in Stark County these days. A county wide Ecomomic Development Commission is at work , and a mental health group is also at work, both bringing into being actions that prove what we have always believed that Stark County is a good place to live. This did not happen overnight.

In the history of the county are records of nineteen different town plats which were laid out by foreward looking folks that had ideas about the worth of the area. It is clear today that in the eight towns in the county and its industries there are persons who actively have brought businesses, churches and schools that keep the county together as a community.

Now let me be clear, the presence of a community does not mean a "locked gate" place, it means that there are in the county services that do the essential work that leads to a comfortable place to live. There is not general agreement on some things. There is considerable competition among the citizens of the towns and there are those individuals who just plain don't like the other towns. The county's population as a whole is a good example of a democracy, we do not have to agree with one another, in fact a difference of opinion is a sign of good healthy human relationships. However, we do have to live with one another..

One of the things that has happened is the presence of newcomers to the county, and some of those newcomers have been in the county at least a quarter of century. There is also a sizeable group of third and fourth generation folks that are active in the county's affairs.

A second attractive endeavor is the updating of water supply systems and sewage treatment systems that are very good. There is space laid out for growth at least, in Bradford, Toulon and Wyoming. It is certain that soon we will begin a population growth.

I have spent half of this column space on physical endeavors that indicate that Stark County is what it has always been, a forward looking place. But, the most important element that makes the county what it is, is John and Jane Q. Public. Bluntly stated, leaders need followers. Nothing can happen if there are not people who trust a person who leads and who say so, or who put physical effort into the plans of a leader. There are at least fourteen church congregations in the county. The words and acts of a preacher without a congregation prove nothing. Our justice system would not mean anything without people seeking help or law breakers.

We need people and we need people who use our schools, our health providers, our towns and our highways. We, the people who participate in all the varying institutions, systems, and information are very important. We are not just users, we are givers. As I said in my last column,"It is not difficult to find places where people are caring and generous with their time and money." It is at that position from which I view the workings of Stark County. Thank you John and Jane for your efforts, time and money.

But I am not done. As a nation we are in the midst of at least nineteen people running for president. The decision about which candidate we will support is difficult. That decision is important because what we do in the voting booth will elect our next President. I do not think it is a matter of right or wrong, it is a matter of agree or disagree. What I am trying to say is that the person, who has the up or down vote on a candidate needs to keep his/her cool. The difference between right, and agreements in political hope terms is that agreements leave room to care about others and the world.

This is where John Q and Jane Public find a place. I know, the political conventions will finally acquire a nominee for the Presidency. We cannot wait for that decision, we need to be paying close attention, not to party afiliation, but to what shows in the candidates as they travel over the country seeking support. It is not what they will do for us, but that which they will do with us together as persons of a land that believes in equality and justice. It is not their promises, but it is what they have done in the past.

Read, study, listen and watch each person who seeks that nomination. Pay attention to how caring they are for all the citizens of this land and of the world. If they respect all persons and are awestruck at this universe in which we live, then support those persons, and let that knowledge be known. We shall then acquire a president who is not a king, but a person who performs the tasks given to that office.

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