Jiffy Kleen Tinker Clinic

The Jiffy Kleen Tinker Clinic is a medical clinic established in the late 2020s in HyperAmerica by Karen Mazurski, Praetorius Ken, and Tinker Two Hearts, as a medical practice that accesses modern western medicine, traditional healing from around the world, and other spiritual practices. Their practice benefits from the ability to exercise and utilize traditional and nontraditional forms of medicine unavailable to them in HyperAmerica and the remaining U.S.

Mazurski and Ken risk banishment from the U.S. medical community and lynching from HyperAmerica's residents. When they set up the clinic, the collective established a close professional but highly secretive connection with a clinic across the border in Illinois, for support and collaborative work. The clinics are both sited very close to the Mississippi River which is international waters after the secession, and they support and maintain a ferry that takes people across as needed. The clinics are funded by a mysterious figure known as Deep Pockets.

Jiffy Kleen and the Total Perspective Vortex
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