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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

It is about others October 1, 2009

For a very long time health care reform has been discussed by many groups, be it political, financial, community. I have read a lot of arguments having to do with personal medical care or with public health issues. The arguments covered subjects with the health care involving civic well being, the production and sale of pharmaceuticals, hospital administration and patient care, legal practices, and law suits. The public media publishes reports from the town meetings all over the nation, the subject of which is resistance to any changes in the present form of health care, its costs and workings.

Information is in the public media supporting the work of all those institutions as well as clearly propaganda that demonstrates the competition. Then there are statements that deal with personal abuses and overcharges by individuals in the town meetings.

A local politician was quoted as saying that health care needed a tune up, not a trade in. President Obama said in a speech that the "the moment has arrived to protect millions who have unreliable or no coverage at all." PJS Oct 13, 2009

He also said what is true the world over: health care for the poorest of a world society is neglected. What I see is that health care needs a central purpose that serves the poor and neglected and is not subsidized or sold to the highest bidder.

What I believe is that in the town meetings the discussion ought to be about caring for the neglected portions of civilization. We ought to be finding how to care for the well being of the poor and neglected.

Where the average citizen sits, the arguments ought to be about that cause. Health care in its various forms needs correcting, not to be tuned up. As I understand, President Obama’s intentions have to do with neglect. There are places where abuses need to be corrected, certainly the word here for all of this is service to people who are physically unwell, not the amount of profit that can be earned.

The problem that makes me the most angry is the emphasis that is placed upon high prices so that the institutions show a financial profit. Health care these days is located where the money is or where the persons who can afford the price, live. It ought to be about care and concern for others, the ones who are unwell and lost. Let us strive so that health care serves every one large and small, poor or rich.

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