The wolf leaves his mother’s house, and walks to his car. Okay, he thinks, one errand down. On the way home, he stops at City Hall and picks up a pack of leaf-litter bags, and fills the gallon container of gas at the convenience store. He looks at the car’s clock, 12:30 already. Best hurry, he thinks, he’ll need to get a shower in before the neighbors get there at 3:00.

The wolf likes mowing. The drone of the machine and the vibration in his hands and arms are soothing. He cuts the path around Alice’s vegetable garden, and the dog in the next yard over begins barking.

You stupid mutt! The wolf yells. It’s me, you’ve seen me mow this yard a hundred times and still you bark at me.

The dog stops barking in some confusion, then starts again. Yap yap yap yap yap!

Stupid mutt, thinks the wolf as he puts the lawnmower away and heads for the shower.

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