The wolf wakes up and for a moment he is startled that everything is so fuzzy—but he reaches for his glasses and peers at the clock on the bedside table. It reads 8:37. he and Alice must have slept in. Well, they deserved it, it had been a hard week. He stares up into the gloom of the shadowed ceiling and holds his breath for a moment to see if he can hear rain on the roof. No such luck. Gonna have to rake the leaves today, maybe he can get one more mow in before the snow falls. He wonders if he picked up enough leaf litter bags from city hall last week. Need to call Jenny today, to see how she’s doing at college. It’s her first year and that’s always hard. Hard on Alice too, he thinks, and he stretches his arm out and lightly strokes Alice’s gray brown hair.

Oh god, the thought occurs to him; I’ll have to go over early to Mom’s today. The neighbors are coming over for drinks and dinner at 3 this afternoon. He’ll have to get the barbecue grill out one more time. Does he have enough charcoal? Is there enough gin?

The wolf pulls the covers back up and turns toward Alice. Alice has her back to him, and the strap of her nightgown indents her arm below the shoulder. Her hair is flat in the back and stuck to her slightly sweaty neck from the night. The curve of her body is lush and the wolf moves close and spoons his body in to match hers. Alice murmurs in her sleep and for an instant the wolf recalls that he hasn’t always been a human and he nips her shoulder softly. Alice rouses a little and asks, What time is it, Henry? 7:15 he tells her, and he takes off his glasses and wraps his arms around her.

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