Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores
George Hirst
How to Get Good Musical Programs
January 27, 2005
The answer to how to get good musical programs is to buy a Steinway Boston Grand Piano.

Friday night, the 21st of January, in the face of a winter storm, a full house of people at the Bistro, Stark County News building, were entertained to an outstanding program of "stride piano" music provided by Judy Carmichael, Steinway artist.

The performance was captivating. I do not think I have ever attended a performance at the Bistro where the audience was so quiet and so absorbed in the music. On a personal note, I was not much of a fan of ragtime and, its successor jazz, but I am now.

You will remember that Publisher, James Nowlan went into a program to get a new piano for the Bistro. With the help of piano artiste, Phyllis Fabry, he found the right piano and raised the funds to purchase it.

The result of that purchase was that there have been some excellent musical programs that led to the marvelous sound of last Friday night.A whole room full of folks will gladly second that expression.

James Nowlan got his reward. He sat in front of me for awhile and I watched his body movements expressing the joy and goodness of Miss Carmichael's music. Her comments and stories embellished the program.

We, the friends and fellow citizenry of Stark County got a treat not usually available in our place.

I promised James that I would not do this, but James, I must. The involvement of many persons in the collection of news and the publishing of not one but three weeklies has begun a change in our area. All be cause of a local gentleman who wanted to restore a local publication for the county.Well done!

Not only has Jim organized good weekly newspapers of progressive thought, provided us with good entertainment, and he has also involved a lot of other people in the effort.If you saw the picture on the front page of the December 23rd issue, you have an idea of the people who work at the publication of the papers. They are also involved in other ways. Interestingly most of us are residents of county and certainly of the area. So there is a strong influence for change in the county.

The Weekly newspaper has been a part of my life for 40 plus years. The editors of those papers were involved and caring people. God bless you, James, may your tribe increase.

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