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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Government Upgrade Feb.2,2006

The settlement of the "new world" in the beginning was ruled by an aristocracy from England.The King of England was the ruler, and that throne was supported by resident settlers who came by ship from England and other countries of Europe. There was a loyalist population, but there was also a body of people of independent mind. The Revolutionary War caused by a quarrel over taxes was won by what we today call our founding fathers. These were people of wealth and power. Webster's Dictionary calls them plutocrats. The government then became a republic, and has been so ever since. For purposes of the discussion here, we will call that a government upgrade.

The benefits of that upgrade were that funds to support the land were raised, and spent, in the land by local people. It also provided a vote by the men of the land and not by an absent king. The upgrade was a good thing and has given us over two hundred years of self government.

The order that was provided by the aristrocrats' settling powers was good in that it gave aid to settlers who traveled to the new land and provided protection to those who established homes in the new country. The new order was also good in that there was now a new nation in the world. Its citizens were owners of their own land and government. The Plutocracy of the land gave us form of government, called a republic.

Upgrades have ocurred in the 200 year history. Several wars brought changes, the French and Indian War that added new territory, the Civil War that began the long struggle to give the black citizens freedom from slavery and slowly but surely, the right to vote, to own property, have equal rights. A war with Spain added new land and citizenry. Women have worked to gain equality with men, the right to vote, to own property and steadily, an equal place in the life of the land. Changes in the twentieth century have upgraded the government without violence or much protest.

An upgrade that is in my memory is the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932. In 1929 a depression began following a Stock Market Crash. FDR promised a "way to fix these times." In the first 100 days of the administration well remembered legislation was passed, The CCC that provided work for unemployed and spent time improving the land, The Federal Emergency Relief Act, Securities and Exchange Commission, and Security and Exchange Act. In 1935, The Work Progress Act, the National Labor Relations Act and The Social Security Act were passed.

A "padding" of the Supreme Court took place when Roosevelt appointed six liberal judges to the court. This was done to protect some of the legislatlion that the conservative court was declaring unconstitional. Source:Google, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Building America, James Randolph, Ruth and Edwin Sutton

There is an upgrade in process as we have moved into the 21st Century. There is a rebellion present. There also is permission being given to our governing bodies to take advantage of the free country. We are being given things which we cannot afford or should be providing ourselves. In other word, the plutocracy, like the aristocracy is corrupt and needs upgrading.

Columns were written by me last October, and similiar reports were written by other people on this subject. I see the workings of persons of similiar interest who express themselves and have begun action to bring about the upgrade. I think that the originators of this change have been comedians on TV and commentators in newspaper, radio and TV.

Candidates for public office are registering from other occupactions than lawyers. Persons with no political office holding in their background are candidating for office. Recently two veterans of the war in Iraq indicated their intent to run for offices. One of the most encouraging is the designation of party and/or stance on issues that oppose one another. The lines between the parties are becoming sharper. These are hopeful signs of the coming upgrade.

As the signs of rebellion develop I trust that we will be faithful to the concern of the founding fathers that every person no matter who or what they are, are truly citizens of the United States of America. Then we will truly demonstrate to the world how a democracy operates. We will truly support freedom of speech and respect for every person regardless of gender, race or persuasion.s

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