It had been a slow six months for me. The russian egg collection project had been particularly tedious and I had been wary of tearing off on another wild goose chase. But network had alerted me to an interesting find by an anthropological study working high altitude tribe.
"This was the oddest gig I've had in eight years of climbing." This is John Royden catching up with old pal Sam Wayworth (a persona I use when gathering information on the doings of other people's collecting). Sam had spent the late afternoon in Randy's Grill a narrow bar waiting to run into John or one of his colleques.

"We spent six months following goats around the mountains and talking to every gnarly wild man that crossed their path. A study of 'Networks in Proto-Agriculture ... blah,blah, blah. "

I perked up a bit at this, the group John worked for had led me to several interesting finds. So putting on my best curious old barfly face, I probed a liitle deeper. "Bet you all see some mighty peculiar sights on a trip like that."

John looked up at the prospect of sharing his tall tale, "Sure enough. We kept ending up in this high pass where an old hermit counted the goats and recorded their number in a little block of yellow mud. He baked that mud and stored it in a crumbling temple with carvings of goats."

Leo suppressed a grin while Sam listened with drunken attention. The next chase was in sight.

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