Fungible: Literally means "interchangeable in trade." defn.

And from Fred Rogers:
You are my friend
You are special
You are my friend
You're special to me.
You are the only one like you.
Like you, my friend, I like you.

In some ways Marx was right to predict that capitalism would lead to extreme alienation; he was wrong how much alienation we would tolerate in exchange for the hope of a McMansion and a SUV.

In Seatle, the FBI is reducing bank robbery by putting greeters in banks; Walmart figured this out a while ago.

Last year's (2006) Time Magazine man of the year was YOU.

Every year we see multiple murders by alienated/isolated individuals (typically young men).

Bruce Sterling discusses a new job: "Trust Building" in is SXSW 2007 rant.

I don't know where this goes but I'm thinking about it.
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