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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

The Emperor's New Clothes May 22,2008

A Fairy Tale by Poet and Author Hans Christian Andersen, published 1837

Plot Summary

An Emperor, who cares too much about clothes, hires two swindlers who promise him the finest suit of clothes from the most beautiful cloth. This cloth, they tell him, is invisible to anyone who is either stupid or not fit for his position. The Emperor is nervous about being able to see the cloth himself, so he sends his ministers to view it. They see nothing, yet praise the cloth. When the swindlers report a suit of clothes has been fashioned, the Emperor allows himself to be dressed in their creation for a procession through the town. During the course of the procession, a small child cries out, "But he has nothing on!". The crowd realizes the child is telling the truth and begin laughing. The Emperor, however, holds his head high and continues the procession.

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Hans Christian Andersens' fairy tale is a good portrayal of the procession of politicians and politics in our time. You may not see the application in the same way I do, but I am going to tell you what I see, and then you can make you own application.

The parade of politicians and politics in Illinois is a dreadful performance. The leadership of our state. as they work on developing a budget for 2009, are behaving like a bunch of swindling tailors. They request funds and promise good things. They tell us that if we don't see the good in what they propose, we are not caring people. When money is appropriated the results do not produce what they promised. They have spun invisible programs out of the money.

The Emperor is naked.

There are several lending agencies that make small loans immediately without credit checks or any other information like debts or low income.

The Emperor is naked.

There are several wars, civil and international, that spend billions of dollars, injure and kill many soldiers and do great damage to the infrastructure of cities. We are told this is done in the interest of the safety of our democratic life.

The Emperor is naked.

Corporations and Manufacturers of medical supplies, tools of war, supply electricity and other energy sources of our homes and places of employment increase the prices of their goods blaming it on high cost of materials or demands for their services. It does not occur to them that the power they possess is built on a profit margin and not services to customers.

The Emperor is naked.

When will we become childlike and say, "...but he has nothing on." ?

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