I was rummaging around in the Serendip page for entertainment this lunchtime, and I found this:

  • within each of us is a limitless, internal, personal, tacit, unconscious source of knowledge;
  • the task before us is to become conscious of that resource, as the implicit framework we use for making sense;
  • we could learn to work with-eventually even to alter-these deep structures we use to think, to interrogate the explanatory frameworks we usually rely on without an awareness that we are doing so.

Which I think is a concrete expression of what I mean when I talk about dreaming as an alternate source of information and how weird a belief that is. I guess. Because I was wondering how that can be so. Is it that our subconscious understands better than our conscious does how the world works, what we're doing? Isn't this akin to a belief in God, or god? I hate to seem skeptical about the intelligence of my own subconscious, however....


Not so strange... I've heard several stories of scientific discoveries that were facilitated through dreams.
  • Friedrich August Kekulé: worked out the structure of benzene after a dream of snakes
  • Otto Loewi dreamed of an experiment to test his hypothesis of chemical transmission



Serendip on Storytelling in Three Dimensions

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