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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

A Developing System December 14. 2007

In the early days of our country's political life, political persons were largely gentry, that is to say they were persons of position and knowledge. They did not run for office, but were elected by general consent. The elections were held with little fanfare. For example, Thomas Jefferson served two terms as President and then refused to run again (not that he couldn't have, but that he did not want to) He wrote no memoirs because gentlemen did not "blow" their own horn. There were no funds for retirement. He retired to Monticello and lived on his own resources and, when he died, he was in debt because his funds were not enough to pay the expenses of his life.

As the country grew in population and size, the political parties took on more of a competitive nature and participation in politics became diverse. In my own personal experience of becoming aware of politics the difference between Franklin D. Roosevelt's campaign and Herbert Hoover's campaign left little doubt of the wide approach to government. FDR's New Deal that won the day signaled a new development in the system of government by the presence of programs and the addition of offices with particular assignments. The Cabinet system came into being.

The concept of less government was lost in those days and as we all know, government has continued to encroach into public life. President Dwight Eisenhower as he left office warned of the encroaching of the military-industrial complex.

The presence of a body of professionals in the governments of our country as well as the strong influence of commercial organizations and even stronger pressures from the military for financial needs for wars, all have changed the the decision making process of elections. The efforts to help the people who are below the poverty line by private individuals and charitable organizations has resulted ln the private sector taking over their care. In the upcoming election, if individuals who are not professional politicians are elected to office the role of government in public life should be reduced.

All of which leads me to end the examination of the transformation of politics by saying that we need to encourage our neighbors and friends who do not regularly vote to make it to the polls in the hope that we can create a new voting public. We need to deliberately vote for the new faces among the candidates so that their presence can change the tendency to stay in the old ruts. I do not think I need to remind you that our government needs to run the country instead of blowing their own horns and buying votes.


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