Employment Opportunities

Minions wanted. Must be loyal, not too intelligent, with amusing quirks. Stylized forties-fifties wardrobe a plus. Send resume and salary requirements to Box LL, Daily Planet.

Immediate opening for crazed or mad scientist with experience building death rays and doomsday weapons, as well as two or more years experience supervising hunchbacks.

Enlist in the Legions of Terror today, and gain valuable training and experience while putting down shabby traitorous rebel uprisings.

Sidekick wanted. Must be able to cract jokes in desperate situations, dress amusingly in clothing of the opposite sex, stay reliably one step behind hero.

Seeking Employment

Stooge looking for position. Good at toadying, taking abuse, pratfalls.


Learn villainy for fun and profit at your own pace. Contact the Criminology Institute, Box BAD1, for information on how you can become a Master Criminal in your spare time.

Earn a degree to get a great career in Criminology and Criminal Justice, or improve the vigilante skills you need to bring evildoers to justice. Contact the Criminology Institute, Box GUDGUY, for further information.


Enjoy solitude? Rent fortress in remote arctic while owner is on five-year journey to find home world. No utilities, not near public transportation, but abounding in very cool crystals.

Girls, just starting your career in Gotham? Well, you don't need to worry about super-powered voyeurs. The Ladies Hostel offers lead-lined boudoirs at reasonable rates.


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