Alice hands the wolf a plate full of steaks. Here you go, honey.

The wolf is momentarily mesmerized by the stack of raw meat handed to him by Alice. The game is on the television in the basement and with the door to upstairs open the roaring fans directly compete with Van Morrison.

Hey, Henry, says Andy, hustle it up. The coals are just about perfect.

The wolf blinks and then brings the platter to Andy, who is holding court at the grill. Andy is known as the best steak-griller in the neighborhood; all but the most testosterone-driven have ceded their taste buds to him.

So, says Andy, what's the word?

Eileen and I want our steaks done medium well; says Alice. Ellen wants it medium rare. Mike, how about you?

Medium, says Mike from the couch, emptying his beer.

And you'll want it well done as usual, Henry, sneers Andy.

Well done? says the wolf. No! I want it rare, he says in a rush.

Good boy, says Andy. The way God intended.

Whose God is that? asks Alice, bringing the tossed salad. Henry, you know rare meat upsets your stomach. Need another beer Mike?

Oh, if it's no trouble, Alice.

I'll get the drinks, honey, says the wolf. You get everybody together and we'll get dinner underway.

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