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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

World Citizens March 8. 2007

We are citizens of the world. It is important that we recognize that citizenship and further that we act on that responsibility. The opinions we hold are shared with others and in that sharing decisions affecting the world are made. It is too bad that we have allowed our elected leaders to make decisions for and about us without our agreement. It is my conviction that condition is changing. The way the present war is being conducted, the numbers of people involved, and the amount of money being spent all speak of a behavior not in keeping with the way our nation operates. It also underscores the non-participation on the public scene. Having written that, an opportunity to take part in change that is underway is present and that is the selection of candidates in the 2008 presidential election.

In making the decision about which person to support during the nomination and election processes, their proposed programs need to be identified and what the issues are that concern them. The personality of each person is important, like what their style of leadership in working with people as well as their loyalty to all people.

I would like to start with the big program, namely.the candidate's ideas on how to work with the problems of our nation. For our purposes here, what is the candidate's world view? It is for sure that isolationism as a world view is long gone. That view is not possible simply because of what the human race has done and is doing on this "little blue orb". We cannot claim a "small corner" as our possession and place to live. That horse is already stolen. War as demonstrated by the present conflict is not the way to bring peace.

The issues of a world view include: finding a way to distribute the world's goods so that all people can live and eat comfortably,handling the movement of people that needs to begin with meeting people where they live, medical care, and education for all the world's young.

I believe in a world view that regards each day as very important, the words and deeds of that day are essential for each person.

Bluntly, the world is a place to play, and a place to live and work for all the creatures that live here, and all the human beings who have work to do and things to say.

It seems to me that those of us who consider ourselves middle class have become persons who are used to support efforts of the ruling class. It is our bodies that fight wars and do the tasks that support the wars. It is our money that is spent to buy the weapons of war, and that goes to help persons caught in national disasters. It is a sad day when we realize that we have allowed the ruling class to make the decisions and to benefit financially from the carrying out of decisions.

As Citizens of the World ask questions , tell people what you think needs doing, help where you are, be not only users but also the doers, shakers and movers.

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