Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Change the world, make it peacefull

In a recent primary, an incumbent who lost to a newcomer said "I think it would be irresponsible and inconsistent with my principles if I just walk off the field."

This troubles me because we keep talking about the dhanging of the guard and getting new folks into government. I doubt seriously that incumbent office holders who lay claim that they are essential for the country and who lose to newcomers are not right. I am inclined to think that if we continue to re-elect incumbent candidates we will not make changes that will bring in a democracy. One thing is sure, the voters decision must be respected. Majority rule applies to all our elections. Results of elections need to be seen as a final word. Persons who seek office and lose, need to understand that the decision of voters sends a message to them that a majority of voters do not agree with their platforms.

On April 2, 1917, Woodrow Wilson appeared before Congress and asked for a Declaration of War. For two and a half years a bloody war had existed, America was not involved. Wilson saw the great danger that was present and he asked Congress to a make the declaration of war to make the world safe for democracy. He asked for a war to end all wars. A peace was won, but wars have not ended. People pray for peace, but our leaders still make war.

Who makes the decisions around here? Who pays the bills? It certainly is not incumbents who "can't walk off the field" when the voters have spoken. It certainly is not the Poll takers who find ways to count people so that the answers they find are in favor of a party. It certainly is not the word merchants. It is we, the voting public who pay the taxes and often are short funded in the interest of vested interests; who make the decisions as to who gets elected..

This is a plea, here in the middle of August, to work to get out the vote in November. Wherever it is possible,

incumbents need to be changed for new people, and a message needs to be sent to incumbents who are in office that we the people want a world at peace, that we want our young people home. We want our tax dollars spent to really benefit people not fight wars, and, we must not use funds that are allocated to support those who have spent a lifetime working.


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