Blame and Pain

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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Blame and Pain October 9, 2008

It appears to me that both Wall Street and Main street have shares in the blame, and the resulting pain. The removal of pain depends on all of us taking actions that will relieve our own pain and admit to our own failures..

I cannot understand the procedures that caused the bankruptcies and defaulted payments that caused the situation on Wall Street. I know that money is a medium of exchange. Money came into use when humanity found it easier to carry money around rather than using a cow or measures of grain to purchase food, or housing and, payments for rendered services.

The other day in a conversation a person said, "We have become a debtor nation." A cause for that condition is spending money for things we don’t have on things we don’t need. We buy more clothing than we need, buy newer and bigger cars, buy and eat more food than is good for us, and build bigger houses than we can pay for. The biggest cause of all of that is when we don’t have the ready cash to pay for any of that, we "charge" it. Some one has said, we are the best fed, the best dressed and we, all together, owe more that the national debt for all those unnecessary wars

It is to be understood that all of that is individuals are not in groups, that is blame one for our financial mess.

Then there is big business. Not just the buying and selling, but the planning and making of things. Heads and partners of those operations receive salaries that are way beyond what they need for comfortable living. The difficulty of that blame is that the amount of money paid to the people who do the work and keep the records is low. If a corporation does not like the amount of taxes to be paid or the wages paid to workers, they move out of the country.

Then there is big government. The operation of government is too expensive, and wasteful. In the legislatures of our land are the "earmarks" which spend tax dollars on items that are supposed to be for the good of the taxpayer. Yet, money for infrastructure like roads, bridges and public buildings is not allocated. Worse than that is when it is found that the income from taxes and other sources is not enough, the budget dollars for education, health and facilities housing of criminals are reduced. We talk about big government and about all the personnel that is hired and admit to it being wasteful. A mystery to me is the way the lobbyists operate in our governmental structure. I do not like the way they buy support for legislation for the privileged.

Who is to blame? We are, not only do we just do nothing, we acquiesce to such behavior by the persons we elect because "they are our crooks and we ourselves understand their behavior."

So we deserve the pain when funds are short and essential help is not given in places where there is real need. Thomas Jefferson is reported to have said, "Democracy only exists best when there is revolution." All I have to say is let the reformation begin. We can change, yes, we can..

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