Bare Feet and Holy Ground

Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores George Hirst

Bare feet and holy ground

The sheep herder, Moses, saw a strange sight, a burning bush that did not burn up. When he came to look at the bush, a voice said to him, take your shoes off, you are on holy ground. The lesson for Biblical Moses was to remove all separation from holy standing room--to find close contact with the place where faith was.

This applies to the world today. We have not learned that this “little blue ball” is all holy ground. We seem to believe that at best we are gardeners or caretakers. We are not; we are part of the whole. People are of the earth, earthy. “We are dust and to the dust we return.” Genesis 3:1. Bare feet tells us that we are a part of the whole and we should live that way. Please remember that this has nothing to do with our eternal life.

The earth experts continually tell us what we are living wrongly and also telling us what to do to make it right. Global warming seems to be the order of the day, but given these last two winters I wonder it that is so. I know this, the earth is changing, and, I also know that human kind is part of that change.

I celebrate the Olympic winter games. Athletes from all around the world are placing their ability at various games against persons from all over the world. The United Nations organization gathers regularly to talk together about world problems. In spite of those examples of world wide efforts, wars are being fought on at least three fronts. The results of wars in the loss of life and damage to civilization shows that we truly need to take that armor from our feet.

Now let us move to local matters. I hope that the community of Wyoming can find a way to develop the old high school building into a community center. I understand that funds are short these days and we are struggling to hold our communities together. Remember that small towns are vital to the health of our country; we need to feel with our closest feelings that a community center would help us remember that.

The stolen money pig from the Toulon Library is scary when people seem to find it necessary to steal such an item with its money from a public-serving group. It is truly time to take the shoes off our feet and get close to where we live as well as what it important. Money is soon spent, but helping others works toward a better life. Criminal acts, even as small as this petty crime, are demonstrations of human kind’s placing barriers’ between us and the rest of the world.

The voice still speaks; take away your separation from the world that is loved. We must be respectful of other people and their possessions, and, learn to love a whole world.

We, like Moses, live on holy ground.

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