Aldrich Boiler Company June 9, 2005

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George Hirst
Industry in Stark County
Aldrich Boiler Company
June 9, 2005

Do you know that we have an international manufacturing plant alive and well in our county?

Fred Howard is the president of Aldrich Boiler Company located at 341 East Williams, Wyoming. Aldrich has been in the business of producing oil fired boilers since 1940. The founder of the company was Lloyd Aldrich who was a pioneer in the manufacture of oil fired boilers. The history of his work and the early accounts of the company will follow along with the way present day oil fired boilers are built.

Aldrich company is a family owned corporation. Fred and Suz Howard and their two children, Jason Howard and Amy Killam are owners and operators of the plant. The boilers are manufactured in the Wyoming plant from sheet metal and tubing into boilers. The boilers are fired by heat from oil, corn or methane.

Management personnel is Fred Howard - president, Suz Howard- Vice president and Secretary Treasurer
Jason Howard- marketing and quality control, Amy Howard Killam- receptionist. Ed Fogelsonger has been plant foreman for twenty- one years. Heidi Colgan has worked for the company for seventeen years, and Don Orrill, Human Resources and bookkeeper for fourteen years.

The company produces only Commercial boilers which are not sold competively. Manufacturing is done with the latest machinery which is computer operated.

The boilers are sold internationally. Shipments are made all over the nation, to customers in Asia, South America, Africa and the Philippine Islands. Recently, a request came from a hog confinement plant in Chile for a boiler that would could burn methane (from the hog manure) and would supply heat to a nursery for baby pigs. Fred said that he found a manufacturer that produced a burner that would use methane. It was obtained and shipped to Chile along with the complete boiler.

The company also manufactures and sells boilers that are fired with corn.

Next week I will report on the interesting history of this company and the Wyoming citizens that were involved. For now we learn that industry in Stark County is international and up to date.

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