Accessing Medical Histories in HyperAmerica

In 2025, the political leadership in HyperAmerica passed laws such that filling out forms was no longer mandatory in medical clinics, part of the country's rejection of science. Clinics still routinely distribute them to their clients, but people freely omit or falsify information, believing that their medical history will thus be hidden. Outside HyperAmerica, all known information including the medical history of an individual is stored in a series of databanks. Some medical personnel in HyperAmerica, recognizing the inherent dangers in relying on false or incomplete information to treat patients, have gained and maintained access to this data, and clients expect that the medical personnel knows all about them anyway. Medical malpractice suits cannot be successfully waged against doctors without access to records, so the major sufferers of this new rule are the patients themselves.

Jiffy Kleen and the Total Perspective Vortex
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